Friday Foods! – What’s Yours?

Hey this is Dave from iWakeUp

This morning on the show we spoke about Friday Foods. You’ve been working your ass off all week
in work and in the gym and Friday is your day to have the first little pig out of the weekend.

According to 43% of Irish people are thinking about what to have for dinner before they’ve even finished their breakfast.

58% say they save their favourite foods until Friday as a special treat and something to get them through the week.

So the big question is, what is your favourite Friday Food??

Lorraine Mc Donagh – my food has 2 be pizza nd chips it nearly like a ritual in our house 2 have it on friday

Stephanie Greene – sweet n sour chicken with half n half!!! wrk mon ta fri 4 till 12 wud kill sum1 if i didnt get it on a fri:) yummmmm

Tara Laverty Have a wee fry at wrk on a Friday and always always a takeaway 🙂

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