iWake up 3!

Here’s today’s iWake up 3!

21-year-old Jade Richards left The X Factor judges in tears on Saturday as she  performed a touching rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You for the panel as  auditions hit Scotland. The youngster left Louis Walsh and Kelly  Rowland emotional following the amazing performance.

But it wasn’t just the judges Jade was performing for, it was also her gran.  She explained: “When I was little my mum used to work all the time because she’s  a single parent so I was always at my gran and granddads, I have an amazing  relationship with my gran.”

“My gran is one of my main inspirations for singing. Singing runs in my  family and my gran was a singer, she worked in working men’s clubs, but she had  to work really hard for her money and it wasn’t obviously that much, she’s  influenced the kind of music that I like to sing and she’s such an inspirational  person. ”

Her Gran added: “I am so proud of my granddaughter, when I hear Jade singing;  she sends tingles down the back of my neck.

See her sing here!



Prince has been ordered to pay almost $4m to a perfume company after he broke a contract to market one of their products.

The eccentric musician entered into an agreement with Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc back in 2006, licensing out his name and likeness for a fragrance named after his album 3121.

However, the ‘Purple Rain’ singer later broke the agreement and refused to participate in media interviews or in-store events to promote the product, leading the company to begin legal action in 2008.

Apparently a New York judge has proposed Prince pay the company $3.95m in damages for failing to meet the agreement conditions.



Ever fancied owning your own bat car? Well, your wish may be about to come true if you’ve got $620,000 to spare.

A man in Ohio restores and prepares racing cars for a living. He is now offering a custom-designed vehicle described as “the world’s only turbine-powered bat car” on eBay.

The description says that the one-off item is street registered in the United States, has a “perfect reliability record” and is “ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiast”.

See the car below!


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