With less than a month to go until the biggest Irish festival of the year, we couldn’t be more excited.

The festival is the perfect way to wrap up summer, and house DJ and producer from Brussels The Magician has been added to the Heineken Live Your Music line up at the festival.

The area takes inspiration from the greatest club and arena experiences from around the globe.

This year, the area will host Electric Picnic’s first ever 360 degree lighting rig, along with CO2 canons, over 20 DJs and MCs- all powered by the crowd.

So, how will it work?

The custom built Heineken Starmometer will gauge the crowd’s enery by tracking noise levels, body movement and heat. Every beat, pulse and move made by the crowd will generate energy peaks that unlock a series of surprises to create the ultimate Live Your Music moments.

Check out the full line up for the sold out Electric Picnic 2017 here and if you have intense FOMO, find out about volunteering here 

Here’s who else you can expect at the Heineken Live Your Music stage

DJ YODA AV SHOW (Antidote Records / UK)

TOUGH LOVE (Island Records / UK)

Bon Voyage (UK, USA, Ireland)

Orange Tree Edits (Orange Tree, Ireland)

Lo Cutz (House Recordings, Ireland)

N.A.N.C.Y (Ireland)

Fulton & Gold (Ireland)

Mona Lxsa (RTE / SoulEtiquette, Ireland)

Claire Beck (Today FM, Ireland)

Tara Stewart (2FM, Australia)

Lui Rwego (Scribble, Ireland)

Davey B (Trill, Ireland)

Bobofunk (Flush, Ireland)

Betty Jimenez (Wigwam, Ireland)

Get your radio on at 6pm Saturday to hear Live Your Music with Emma Nolan on iRadio to hear live music being celebrated with the best of Irish festival and concert line ups from 2017 and over the years.