Anyone got space in their doomsday shelter?

Ok, that might be a little over the top…

But I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Ireland’ aren’t two words which don’t look particularly pleasing next to each other.

Tropical Storm Ophelia, which has been brewing in the middle of the Atlantic has strengthened in recent days and has decided to take course towards Ireland.


However, before you go raiding your local hardware store for Armageddon supplies, it’s been forecast that Ophelia weaken before it heads to Ireland.


Forecaster Eleanor Bell, of The Weather Channel, said: “Latest model guidance is indicating Ophelia will move in from the Azores across the Biscay area around Sunday and move on towards Britain (and Ireland) early next week.

“This will push a plume of warmer air in from the south ahead of it. It is important to note we are still a week out and the models will likely vary in exact timing and position of Ophelia over the next few forecast runs.


We can expect Ophelia to arrive early next week, while Met Éireann has also forecast plenty of rain beforehand…joy!