Suns out, huns out.

Image via Met Eireann

BREAKING NEWS: It’s officially sunny in Ireland. 

Met Eireann say we’ll get highs of 22 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday while over the weekend, we can expect more sunny spells and temperatures staying in the high teens. Happy days.

The Irish sunshine can unearth some peculiar habits in us pasty Irish folk. Here are ten things you’ll definitely see about the place now that the sun is out:

1. 99s

Image via Pixabay

99s everywhere. On Instagram, on Facebook, in your office and on your commute. 99s are essentially a major component of the food pyramid when the sun shines in Ireland so don’t feel one but guilty. 

2. Fellas with their tops off

What is it about that big yellow ball in the sky that prompts Irish men to whip their tops off? Pasty, white bellies on show for all to see. What did we do to deserve this?

3. The crowds in Spanish Arch

Spanish Arch in Galway City will be absolutely thronged with people in the sunshine. Where do they come from? Do they have jobs? Where are they the other 362 days of the year? Nobody knows but one thing’s for sure – we’ll happily join them for a pint or two. 

4. People complaining that it’s too hot

“Where’s the air-con?”

“Why don’t we have desk fans?”

Calm your tits Susan. The sun only shines 4 days a year – we’ll be grand.

5. Disposable BBQs

Image via Wikimedia

Not many of us can justify forking out the big bucks for a whopper BBQ but we’ll happily spend a couple of bob on the cheap, disposable ones down at the local supermarket.

“Sure, doesn’t it do the exact same thing?”

You’re not wrong, Dad.

6. Farmer’s Tans

Image via Google Images

That glorious transition from the tan/red of the forearm to the ghostly white of the upper arm is a trend that only Irish men and women can master. Embrace it. It’s a part of who we are. 

7. Bag of Cans


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Cans, cans, cans. The lads and the cans go hand in hand on sunny days. And what’s better than cans? A full bag of cans. It’s just simple maths, really.

8. Pricks in Convertibles

There is absolutely NO need to own a convertible car in Ireland. However, some people still do it anyways and make sure you know all about it when they get a sniff of good weather. 

9. People jumping off the back wall in Enniscrone Pier 


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There’s officially no better place in the West to cool down than the back wall in Enniscrone. It’s refreshing, it’s great craic and there’s plenty of places nearby for that all-important 99. Pure bliss!

10. Sunset Pictures

Every Tom, Dick and Harry becomes a professional photographer when the weather is decent. We get it – the sky is prettybut do we need 47 shots of it? Probably not.