What we’d give for €600 right now…

Plan on saving a bit more cash in 2020?

The “1c challenge” could be just the trick you need this new year. It involves putting away a tiny amount of cash each day to give you a tidy sum heading into 2021.

The Manchester Evening news report that the challenge simply requires putting away your pennies.

You kick of Day One by popping just 1c into your bank account or piggy bank. Then on Day Two, the amount doubles to 2c. The third day you throw in 2c while on day four you top it up to 4c. This pattern continues until day 100 when savers should place €1 into their jars.

On Day 101, you should put €1.01 into the savings pot and €1.02 on Day 102 and so on and so forth. When you get to Day 200, you’ll place €2 in the jar and the pattern continues with €2.01 on Day 201.

Towards the end of 2020, you should be throwing €3 on the 300th day, €3.01 on Day 301 and €3.02 on Day 302 right up until the final day of 2020 when you’ll put a grand total €3.66.

According to the publication, if you stick to it over the 12 months, you should have close to €667.95 in total. Not bad for a little January shopping trip!