Ballina Twins to do 24 Hour TikTok Challenge for Western Care


Aidan and Oonagh In The Morning spoke with 13-year-old twin sisters Abi and Ava Galvin from Ballina who are undertaking a 24 hour Tik Tok challenge this bank holiday weekend in order to raise €10,000 for Western Care.

Since the quarantine began, apart from doing their homework, the twins have been keeping themselves entertained by making videos on TikTok ( Dad Niall said if they got 100,000 likes they could get a puppy-a sausage dog to be precise!).

Their mum, Marie Galvin (who is a coordinator in Western Care) is going to work on the front line to support people with intellectual disabilities who live independently and are supported by Western Care staff.

The twins explain: “Since the lockdown began life has become super hard for them as they cannot do important little things like going for pots of tea or going shopping. Most of them live in rural locations so having a car is their only lifeline at the moment. Western Care does fantastic work for them but they have limited finances for vehicles.. We know that some of the cars are nearly 20 years old and there is no money for them to be replaced. So, myself and my sister decided that we would love to do something useful with our TikTok channel to raise money as having transport is SO important in Western Care, now more than ever. We have set ourselves a target of €10,000 to at least try and upgrade one vehicle! What we are planning is to do a 24 hour TikTok challenge on the June Bank Holiday weekend starting at 12 midday on Saturday 30th May, and continue right through to 12 midday on Sunday 31st May!! We will do a different TikTok every hour on the hour for 24 hours non-stop! (We might even convince our brother Leon to be in one!!). I know it will be hard to keep going through the night but we really want to do something to help in this difficult time”.









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