Know anyone who could top this?

If you’ve ever had a big mac from McDonald’s you’ll know that one on its own is fairly filling, two is a proper meal.

But what about 32? That’s enough to feed a small village.

Well, for competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut, it’s just another day after he manged to eat 32 burgers in an insane 38 minutes.

The order cost just under $US200 including taxes and a generous 20 per cent tip.

When he looked at them all in a stack, he said “this is intimidating”.

In case you were wondering the burgers weighed 7kg in total and combine for a whopping 18,016 calories.

You can check out his monumental effort here, obviously this man is a professional so this goes without saying, don’t try this at home.

In a press release, Joey explained why he chose big macs for the challenge:

“Always wanted to do Big Macs and really push myself to see how many I could eat.”.

“I remember being a little kid and they would sell two Big Macs for $4 and me and my grandpa would get four of them. I’d end up eating three. And this is bringing me back to being a kid.

“Me and my grandpa would go back to the same McDonald’s every time. And it’s crazy, when I drive by that McDonald’s I still kind of just think about it. I think about all the times I was there with my grandpa and it’s weird the way that food takes you back and helps you remember things. With Big Macs, I definitely remember my grandpa.”