That’s a lot of substantial meals.

In case you were unaware, as of Monday in Ireland pubs that serve food along with restaurants were permitted to open their doors to the public.

And seemingly, one punter has taken full advantage of the new stage 3 measures after splashing out €189 on 42 pints of Guinness, Dublin Live reports.

Staff at the Darnley Lodge Hotel in Athboy, Co. Meath shared a photo of the bill, which also featured: Two bowls of soup, a portion of fish and chips, and two glasses of coke, bringing their total bill to €222.90.

Thankfully the 42 pints were shared among a group of guests… while the other pint drinkers had also bought food which were listed on a separate receipt.

As things stand, pubs that don’t serve food aren’t permitted to open until July 20th under Phase 4 of the governments roadmap plan.

After that date though pubs, bars, hotel bars and casinos may reopen. While gatherings of up to 100 people indoors and 500 outdoors will be permissible

You can see the full Roadmap for reopening society and business here.