Forget about flossing and dabbing, Irish people have a number of tried and tested dance moves.

No matter how cringey, ridiculous or difficult to pull off, we all break out these on a Saturday night.

Here’s The Lift’s top 5 moves you’re sure to see on an Irish dancefloor.

1. Big box, little box, cardboard box

This 90s move is usually followed by ‘stacking the shelves’, ‘thumbing a lift’, and ‘changing a light bulb’.

All classics!

2. The Robot


We’ve all attempted to imitate a robot on the dancefloor.

The street dance style, which has been around for years, is the closest any of us will ever get to body popping, to be fair!

3. Arms in the air like you just don’t care


A fail-safe move. Basically throwing your arms around in every direction while shaking your body to the music.

4. The point


Another foolproof favourite. This involves pointing at anything really – your friend, the ceiling, the floor, or the person you hope to shift.

Or just shaking your pointer finger in time to the music. Simple!

5. The Squat & Pop


This move involves squatting as quickly and as low as possible and immediately popping back up.

Loved by popstars everywhere, this looks deceptively easy. However, it’s one move where you might need a hand getting back up, and you’ll have achey thighs for days.

Is your favourite included?!