Is winter seriously still coming? 

While this may come as a shock to some people, not everyone watches Game of Thrones…

In fact, quite a lot of people don’t! 

And if you are one of those people, no doubt your social media feeds have been jammed with posts referring to dragons and Jon Snow’s that you couldn’t care less about. 

Well we think its about time that the non-Throners got a spin in the spotlight. 

We’ve compiled a list of seven things that people could watch instead of Season 8 of Game of Thrones:

1. A Junior B championship game

Image via Offaly Express

Forget the white walkers versus the living… Imagine being in the stands watch the absolute beasts from Junior B battle it out! Far more entertaining!

2. A Brexit debate 

Brexit is like that television show that has been dragging on for just a little too long. Did you hear they’re adding a 1000th extension to the Brexit deadline? And apparently Teresa May’s deal has been rejected by MPs yet again! Fascinating… 

3. A three hour long Bono lecture

Imagine being in this auditorium!

Some people would probably much rather hear Bono’s thoughts on the world than catch up with the latest from Westeros. Each to their own. 

4. A Talifornia marathon 

Who wouldn’t want to catch Phil, Nikita and The Corminator in action again? Irish reality television at it’s finest. Here’s a quick reminder of one of the most iconic scenes of all time.

“It’s only five eggs per bloke per day”.

5. Drying paint

That latest coat of ‘Spring Yellow’ is certainly drying at a nice even pace! 

But is that a potential bubble forming in the top left hand corner? Will Bob Ross make a guest cameo?

We can’t wait to see how the next few hours play out.

6. Someone chewing with their mouth open 

OK this one may be a bit of a stretch… 

7. Fair City 

You can’t beat a bit of Carrigstown. Can you see your reflection in Paul’s head? Who’s Carol kicking off at now? And what young wan is causing absolute SCENES in McCoy’s tonight? We’re glued.

Image via RTÉ