No one questions the how or why of male orgasms…but maybe we should.

Science has told us that women have fewer and less predictable orgasms than men.

The female orgasm is known for being complex while the male orgasm is more straightforward.

But is it?

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A new study has found that a  surprising number of men are faking it.

Superdrug carried out a joint British and US survey on honesty in the bedroom, asking 1,016 men and women about how happy they are with their sex lives.

They discovered that 16.4 per cent of men said they had faked an orgasm – that’s around 4 in 25.

62 per cent said they did it to protect their partner’s feelings, while 35.2 per cent said they did it to end sex sooner.

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Meanwhile, more than half of women (54.6 per cent) said they had faked it.

Around 79 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men admitted that they’d be upset if they learned their partner faked an orgasm.

The results show that achieving sexual pleasure can be complicated for both sexes.

While it might seem easier to pretend from time to time, it’s best to be honest with your partner.