Singer AIMÉE is lighting up the Irish music scene with her debut single – Don’t Bother. She caught up with Aidan and Oonagh from the AO Show to chat about what life has been like since she signed to music label – Universal

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The Inspiration Behind ‘Don’t Bother’ 

Of “Don’t Bother”, Aimée tells us; “For me, it’s a song that every person who has been through the type of break up I have experienced, needs. I wrote ’Don’t Bother’ last year with my good friend Richey when I was reminiscing about a past relationship that had fallen apart. Before now, I had written lots of songs about break-ups but they always sounded quite sad & I was always the victim, when in reality I never actually felt like the victim. I think that’s a narrative that’s been told too many times! What I really wanted to do was write a song about a break up that would be strong and empowering. Not angry or vengeful, but a definite ‘two fingers- it’s your loss’ sort of vibe. Something that felt real and authentic to my past experiences. This is exactly what “Don’t Bother” is for me!”


Hear A Special live acoustic performance of ‘Don’t Bother’ 


Aimée’s Background

Aimée has been singing and dancing from the age of 3 and in more recent years has been travelling between Dublin and LA to pursue and inspire her love of both music and dance. Inspiration also came to Aimée, aged seventeen, by way of Justin Bieber; the original YouTube star turned pop star, when she too decided to put herself out into the Youtube universe. One evening, she hesitantly and without much expectation, uploaded her first music video, a cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Thinking of You’. She went to bed and thought no more of it. The next morning Aimée’s video had amassed up to 50 thousand views, which quickly grew to a hundred thousand views by the next morning. The numbers continued to climb. Aimée has now created a weekly series on her Instagram called One Minute Wednesday, where she covers some of the biggest songs from Mariah Carey to Sam Smith and Lady Gaga to Kodaline, in 60 seconds. These videos rack up over 30,000 views each week and give her followers a glimpse into the powerhouse that she is while also conveying her warm charisma and witty humour.