They were unharmed during the incident and weren’t robbed.

Three passengers on board a mini bus that was hijacked at Dublin Airport said they were unaware it was stolen.

According to gardaí, the three tourists, thought they were being taken to their hotel for the night, when two men got in and started up the bus.

The three said although the driving was a bit unsteady, they had no reason to believe they were in any danger. They were unharmed during the incident and weren’t robbed.

Eventually the passengers were let off at the City North Hotel near Julianstown in Co Meath, they thought they had arrived at their hotel and tried to check-in, when they were told they had no booking.

The confused tourists then decided to get a taxi back to Dublin airport and contact Aer Lingus.

They had arrived to Ireland on a transatlantic flight and had been due to take a connecting flight, but missed this because of a delay.

Aer Lingus were to put them up in the Carlton Hotel near Dublin Airport.

After eventually being brought to the  correct hotel, they were able to spend the night there and make their connecting flight in the morning.

Gardaí were alerted to the incident around 1am, after two men in their 30s hijacked the bus.

They are being held at Carrickmacross Garda Station.