How would you react?

Image via Pixabay

Posts on Reddit’s infamous ‘Am I the A**hole’ section can be fairly divisive, but this lad doesn’t exactly come out smelling of roses.

The 36 year old took to the platform to tell of his disgust after coming home with a few friends (at short notice) to find the house that he shares with his wife in a mess.

The man’s wife is stay-at-home-mum and he says she:

“does her best to keep up with the cleaning and keeping the house tidy and I feel for her, I really do so I told her she doesn’t have to clean up all the time since the kids are running up and down all day and making huge messes, I did tell her that she only has to make sure the house is clean when we have guests over and she agreed with me.”

Oh, how nice of you!

On this day, the husband had texted ahead to let his other half know he was bringing company, a text which she missed while she took a nap.

“She said she wasn’t feeling well and had a headache so she thought of getting an hour long nap. I told her that it was so so embarrassing that the house looked like this when my friends came over and that this was avoidable had she cleaned up and prepared the house for the guests.”

“She argued that first of all, the kids are the ones causing this mess and second of all, it was my fault for not checking twice with her and making sure the house was ready for guests. I thought that was ridiculous because she was basically blaming me for her own actions (or lack of) which I didn’t appreciate so much.”

As you can imagine, it hasn’t gone down well with commenters on Reddit: