Why is this so funny?

We all know the Titanic film by now.

The tale of forbidden love between Jack and Rose. The absolute craic at the dancing scenes in third class. The gut-wrenching heartbreak at the end.

Of course, anyone who’s watched the film will know it’s all told through the eyes of a much-older Rose. She she tells her story to Brock Lovett, a treasure hunter who’s searching the ocean floor to find the very valuable ‘heart of the ocean’ necklace.

In the end, it turns out Rose had the necklace all along and she throws it back into the ocean so it can lay to rest with Jack.

So pure and wholesome.

However, an alternative Titanic ending has now surfaced online.

Tyla.com report that this scene may have featured as bonus content on a DVD of the film released in 2005.

Now, it has surfaced on Twitter and it’s quite something…