“You might as well get paid real money to maintain an orchard”

A dream job has become available for anyone who is a fan of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

An online company is hiring someone to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons for 50 hours.

HighSpeedInternet.com are offering one lucky applicant $1,000(€886.95) to play the game.

According to UPI.com, the internet service provider said:

“You might as well get paid real money to maintain an orchard, catch a coelacanth, and listen to K.K.’s songs, right? And with that extra cash, you could buy your real-life home a new furniture set, television, or a fancy rug to tie your room together,”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re new in town or a master gamer perfecting your private utopia — we’re open to entries from all our gamer neighbors,”

Unfortunately the position is only available to residents of the United States.

The lucky applicant will be informed on the 6th August and must complete the 50 hours by 30th September.

To apply click here.