This week’s Asking For A Friend dilemma came in from Daithi who wrote

‘Hey Aidan & Oonagh,

I heard your story yesterday about the dog who’s learned to honk the car horn when he wants his owners attention. Well, I have a dog who admittedly is not as talented but is just as demanding.

My dog, Daniel (he’s a spaniel) is obsessed with our bathtub; he loves sitting in it and runs to the bathroom to jump in several times a day. When he’s in the tub he will bark until I or my girlfriend come to the bathroom, then, and I kid you not he will tap the taps with his paw indicating he wants them turned on. If I don’t he barks and growls until I do, and when I do and the water begins to flow he just leaps from the bath and runs off like he’s fleeing a burning building.
My better half is absolutely fed up with this although I think it’s quite funny, but I thought I’d get in touch to ask you is there a fair way to make him stop doing this? And if not, if your listeners can share stories of their own pets strange behaviours in the hope that my girlfriend hears it and thinks Daniel’s shenanigans aren’t that bad in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks, Daithi’

As always, the iRadio family was at hand to chip in with their own stories and advice.