There is yet another delay to the National Broadband Plan.



Sinn Féin says there are serious concerns about the future of the plan, in the wake of the latest delay to the project.

Minister Richard Bruton has confirmed a decision will not be made this week as had been expected.

The final and sole tender for the project is being examined and Minister Bruton says the government is being very careful about what will be a huge state investment:

“We went through a process of identifying what was the most cost-effective way of doing that, we have a final tender and a decision has to be made on that tender. It has been acknowledged that this isn’t a cheap investment and the government has to make a decision whether this is an investment that it’s willing to make.”

However Sinn Féin’s Communications Spokesman Brian Stanley says it is a worrying delay:

“Our fear is that the whole tendering process for this plan has run into serious problems. We must remember that there is only one bidder bidding for what’s supposed to be a competitive tender. Now there is nobody in the whole earthly wide world who believes that you can have a competitive tendering process with one bidder bidding.”

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