There’s a bad date, then there’s this…

Think you’ve had some bad dates? Well its unlikely you’ve ever ended up being chased by chased by the law before even making dinner…

That’s what happened to one poor woman in the US, after her date decided they’d take a little detour after she’d picked him up.

The man, Christopher Castillo was picked up by his date on Dec. 5, 2016, and he drank wine while the two drove to the Bristol County Savings Bank in North Attleboro, prosecutors said.

When the two got close to the bank, Castillo asked his date to pull over and he exited her Nissan Maxima, reported 7 News Boston.

Prosecutors say Castillo flashed a gun in the face of a bank teller, stated that he was “really hurting” for money, and demanded $1,000.

He then came running back to his date, sweating with a gun and cash in hand. Castillo told the woman to “(expletive) go” but she later pulled over in a Dunkin’ parking lot when she saw blue police lights in her rear-view mirror.

She was not charged in connection with the incident.

Castillo however was sentenced last week to three years in state prison, authorities announced.

We don’t know if there was a date number two.