Earlier? Later? There’s always debate about the best time in life to start having kids. 

It’s a question that has divided society for eons… when is the best time in life to have kids?

Do you have them sooner? So when it comes time for them to spread their wings and move out, you’re still relatively young and able to enjoy your middle age?

Or do you go down the later path, and have start rearing youngsters when you’re a bit older, more financially secure and more mentally prepared for the challenges parenthood provides?

Don’t have the answer?

Lucky for you, researchers have gone and completed a study to answer it for you! 

According to the results of a study headed by Dr. John Mirowsky, a sociologist at the University of Texas, the golden age for women to have children is age 34.

At this age, Dr Mirowsky claims that a woman’s body is “at optimal health to prepare for and carry a healthy child full-term.”

Over 1,800 mothers took part in the extensive study, who all answered questions about their current health. 

Dr Mirowsky then anaylsed childbirth mortality data, and made adjustments over whether the mothers had easy access to an education or not, and concluded that age 34 is the optimal age for a first child.

So there you have it… the best age to get pregnant according to science.