The trend was huge in the early noughties but many people would prefer if it stayed in the past.

Men’s style bible GQ has predicted that bootcut jeans are set to return.

It’s after luxury fashion house Balenciaga featured the flared denims in their 2019 resort collection.


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While skinny jeans have been reigning supreme for over a decade, flared jeans have been reappearing in womenswear collections.

But it seems many of us are dreading the thoughts of seeing men back wearing bootcut jeans.

On Twitter, the possible comeback was met with fear and disdain.

Did the Rubber Bandits predict the return of bootcut jeans?!

At the weekend, they tweeted some hilarious photos of Dublin nightclub Lillies Bordello in its heyday.

The celebrity haunt is closing its doors but back in the noughties, it attracted many a star sporting flared denims.