“Cut her out of your life immediately”.

A man in the USA has taken to Reddit to reveal a “weird as f***” thing he caught his girlfriend doing after they had sex, which has left him feeling “nervous”.

The boyfriend asked reddit users for some advice after the incident, in which he caught his girlfriend doing something bizarre just after they’d had sex.

The unnamed man in his late 20s, said he went into the bathroom after sleeping with his girlfriend, when she inquired as to whether he was ‘peeing or pooing.’

“Jokingly I said ‘pooping’ but really I was just peeing,” the man replied.

It was then that things took a bizarre turn.

“I came back into the bedroom and found her pouring the contents of my used condom inside her vagina. I’m nervous as f***.”

The man then went on to ask whether this was legal, what happens if she gets pregnant as he did not consent to her doing this and he also wanted to know whether he owns his sperm.

People on the site were appalled by the woman’s actions and warned him to stay away from her in future.

One commented: “Cut her out of your life immediately. Do not contact her in anyway. If she claims to be pregnant demand a paternity test.”

Another wrote: “It’s not against the law, you had consensual sex with her.”

A third replied: “Apart from all the other good advice about getting her out of your life, call Planned Parenthood and ask them about the likelihood of her getting pregnant via this method.”