It’s the stuff of nightmares… just picture this scenario.

It’s Monday morning, you struggle to drag yourself out of bed for work.

The only thing that consoles you is the thought of tucking into a cheeky Monday morning treat, the hallowed breakfast roll.

And when you get to your regular deli,  you’re greeted with a sign which says: “We’ve scrapped The Breakfast Roll”!


In Dublin, one food shop called the Fresh Good Food Market says it’s replacing the popular roll with new sandwich and buffet options.

According to the Times Ireland Edition, staff haven’t been banned from making the roll – however as it’s outside their training, they may not know how to.

Fresh is also phasing out chicken fillet rolls, in favour of grilled chicken breast on sourdough bread or in a baguette.

The Jumbo Breakfast Roll

If all that talk about our favourite Irish Breakfast being scrapped is giving you hunger anxiety, check out Pat Shortt’s JUMBO breakfast roll song and go grab a breakfast roll while you still can!

Let’s hope this is just an isolated incident!