This complaint email has gone viral. Picture: Twitter @BTRBrewCoSource:Twitter

“I have eaten in the best restaurants of Newcastle, Europe and the Caribbean.”

A very harsh email complaint from a “wealthy” and “privately educated” brewery customer has gone viral, after it was torn apart on social media.

The email was received by the By The River Brew Co’s Träkol Restaurant in Newcastle, England.

In it, the sender who describes themselves as a “self employed” businessman,  slammed the “crap food”.

“I am born and bread (sic) in Newcastle … Self employed from a wealthy background and well educated (privately, obviously),” the unnamed man wrote.

He continued: “I have eaten in the best restaurants of Newcastle, Europe and the Caribbean.

“I can honestly say I have never eaten such crap food in crap surroundings and payed (sic) at least four times what the food was worth.

“I appreciate your venture is high risk so probably need a quick return but …?????”

He concluded the tirade by saying “as a businessman I would not do you the disservice of posting this on social media”, but continued by blasting the chef — who he accused of being “vegan or thick” — for serving “salty shellfish”.

He also took aim at the wine which he described as “budget supermarket garbage at £25 a bottle”.

“The customer is always right … unless they are very very rude and very very wrong”.

It’s safe to say the complaint didn’t go down to well upon being received by the restaurant.

And the business wasted no time in firing back a brutal reply, before sharing the whole exchange on twitter, writing: “The customer is always right … unless they are very very rude and very very wrong and sometimes, even in hospitality, you just have to say it like it is …”

The response began: “Thank you for your mail — as a self employed, wealthy, privately educated individual we would have thought you would have understood the difference between bread and bred”.

It then brilliantly hits back at each individual complaint.

“Chef is neither vegan or ‘thick’ — a bit chunky maybe … but thick? … no definitely not.

“Crap food: We are glad you enjoyed the Barnsley Chop and we are relatively intrigued just where your sheep farm was? Heaton? Gosforth? Jesmond? Actually … no matter and no need to let us know … the real surprise is that you would expect crustaceans to be anything but salty given that they live in … the sea.

“Crap surroundings: you don’t go into much detail here — and of course this is not the Caribbean at which you have dined in the best restaurants.

“Wine: you do not say which wine you refer to. Please let us know which supermarkets you source these wines at budget prices from (we imagine you are a Waitrose kind of guy) and we will be straight down there with our bags for life to stock up.”

“I’d be wanting a refund for that private education … obviously”.

Upon seeing the twitter post, one person wrote: “(privately, obviously). What. A. Tool. Great response” while Stirling Gin said it was a “brilliant response to an utterly terrible person.”

Another posted: “I’d be wanting a refund for that private education … obviously”, while another said: “Maybe instead of eating in posh places author could have spent some time learning grammar … as tutors in his private, obviously, school did not do very good job at it …”

Another prime example of why you should think twice before sending a scathing review into a business.