“The boys are back!”

Brian McFadden has reached out to his former band mates Westlife, who have released their new song ‘Hello my love’. McFadden shared the band’s new single, along with the encouraging comment: “Love it! Great song great production. The boys are back!”

However, both Brian and the band have made it very clear in the past that they won’t be reuniting, despite his obvious support for them.

Image: Reveal

Lead singer Shane Filan said: “He left the band 15 years ago, we were only five years in and kids at the time. We went on to become a band for another eight or nine years after that. It would be very weird to have another person in the band again, some of us haven’t seen Brian in a very long time. We haven’t fallen out with Brian either. It’s like we all went to a different school and he went another way. Brian left a long time ago so we’re moving forward not backwards.”

Have a listen to the new single here: