“It’s not me at all!”

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One bride reckons she’ll be ducking out of her own hen party.

Posting on the Modern Wedding Facebook page, the woman explained that she wanted a low-key, chilled out hen party.

She said she’s not a big party person but her friends are.

Now, they’ve organised a massive hoolie and the bride is really not into it. She posted on the page:

“My hen party has been planned and it’s not me at all! I specifically asked for a low-key event, nothing too over the top. I’m not somebody who likes to party but my friends are.

“They’ve organised a massive night out with ‘butlers’ and everything! I really don’t want to go…to my own hen party! Has anyone else had this issue?”

Image via Pexels.com

Most people commenting on the post sympathised with the bride.

One poster said:

“Friends and family planning these events should truly take into consideration the bride’s likes and dislikes!! That being said, I do think that most of it stems, not from a selfish perspective but from one of excitement and jubilation, so people tend to go overboard!”

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There were also plenty of other brides sharing the same predicament. One shared their story about their hen being “the worst night”.
She explained:
“I had the same thing happen to me! I hated mine!! I wanted a dinner and some amazing cocktails at a fancy water side bar. Instead everyone left me and went to a strip club that I didn’t want to go to as well as forcing me to go to a night club I didn’t want to go to!”