Did you notice them?

Image via Netflix

Eagle-eyed fans of Bridgerton have spotted a few historical blunders throughout the show.

The hit Netflix show has been a phenomenon across the globe with 63 million households across the world seeing what the fuss is about.

However, with so many eyes on the series, it’s only natural that someone will spot something a little off. Some fans have taken to Twitter to point out some of the historical inaccuracies on the show.

One pointed out that there are painted yellow lines on the street in the show’s opening scenes – a feature that definitely wasn’t around in the early 1800s:

Another Twitter user spotted ‘No Parking’ signs and modern cigarettes in the Regency drama:

Meanwhile, local residents of Bath in England, where a chunk of the scenes were filmed also spotted their local Primark in the background of some shots:

One person even claims to have spotted a poster for Primark too:

However, most die-hard fans aren’t fazed by the minor errors.

The show has proved massively popular with Netflix users regardless with Season Two getting the go-ahead from bosses last week.