Another day, another wedding trend.

A bouquet has long been an essential part of a bride’s outfit.

Since ancient times, brides have carried or worn flowers to signify fidelity and to ward off bad luck.

Modern brides now select blooms to express their style and personality but the bouquet remains the ultimate wedding accessory.

However, flowers could soon be given the nudge as a new bouquet trend has emerged – the candyfloss bouquet.

The trend was first spotted in the US but it’s reportedly making its way over here.


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PSA: brides of 2019 are ditching the flower bouquets for a stick of candy floss! 😮💐 What do you think?

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While we’re totally up for a bouquet you can eat (and let’s face it, it would be much cheaper than a floral one), we’re a little worried about the throwing of the bouquet.

Will all the single ladies be lining up if a sticky mess is going to be tossed in the air?


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