The endless supply of food, the laughs shared with family and friends, the excitement of opening presents and the arrival of Santa…

For most of us, Christmas is a time of joy.

But in among all the festive bliss lay hidden stories of hardship, loss, depression and loneliness, swept asides during the world’s ultimate celebration.

It may be a sick child who is stuck in a hospital bed, a family without a roof for Santa to land on or it could be someone who has no one to share a turkey with…

That’s why for Christmas this year we want to do our part to make life a little better for those who don’t have it so easy at Christmas.

iRadio’s Care This Christmas is all about being mindful, assisting, giving and putting smiles on as many faces as possible this festive season.

Over the course of December on The AO Show, The Lift and The Hub, we’ll be speaking to amazing some people and organisations who are doing all they can to spread happiness to those who need it the most.

We’ll also be telling you how by giving up just a little bit of your time, could make a enormous difference to someone else’s life.

How you can get involved.

By using the hashtag #CareThisChristmas, let us know about any fundraisers or campaigns you’ve heard of or are involved in via Twitter and Instagram @thisisiradio.

And together maybe we can bring the joy back into Christmas for someone who may be struggling.