It’s described as the purr-fect festival for cat lovers.

The Dublin Cat Fair is back for a second year.

Founded by cat behaviourist Alice Chau-Ginguene, the event was inspired by Cat Con in the USA.

Taking place at the Hilton Dublin Airport on Sunday, November 25th, feline fans will be able to view and purchase hard-to-find cat products, quality food, cat-inspired accessories, art, and unique Christmas presents from carefully selected vendors.

There will be free lectures throughout the day from industry experts including cat acupuncturist Gary Cregan, international pet transport expert Kevin Kenna, cat groomer Audrey Furlong and cat behaviourist Alice Chau-Ginguene.


There will also be fun activities on offer such as cat tarot reading, face-painting and manicures with a cat theme, and the ‘Real Lads Love Cats’ calendar 2019 will be officially launched.

Cats get a bad rap for not being as friendly as dogs, so Garry and Fionnuala caught up with Alice to find out more about our feline friends.

“Cats are so misunderstood, I find particularly in Ireland it’s really bad. Cats are very loving animals. People don’t understand how cats show love.”

However, Alice revealed that you actually can’t make your cat like you.

“You can’t make a cat like you, the same way as you can’t make someone in your family like you. For example, my own cat, he has a huge amount of problems and for so many years I have people asking me ‘have you solved your own cat problems?’. I haven’t because I figured out that he actually doesn’t have behavioural problems, he’s just a very nasty person!”

You can purchase your ticket to the Dublin Cat Fair here.