Are you kitten me?

If you’ve ever wanted to understand what you cat has been saying to you, now you can.

A new innovative app called ‘MeowTalk’ allows you to translate your cats meows into words.

Developer and former Amazon engineer, Javier Sanchez intends to use AI to understand what you cat is thinking.

According to UniLAD, cats don’t communicate like humans so the app will use nine different messages that your cat can convey.

These messages will include: ‘Where is the food?, When are you going to get the food? Why aren’t you getting the food now?’

The technology that in MeowTalk was explained at a webinar saying:

“Every cat has their own unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners. For instance, each cat has their own distinct meow for phrases like ‘feed me’ or ‘let me out.’ With MeowTalk, you can create a profile for your cat and start using its auto-recognition to translate your cat’s meows.

Several translations are already built-in, but specific translations will require a little training of the app to recognize your cat’s specific vocabulary. If you know a translation is wrong, just fix it through the app and select the correct translation. MeowTalk learns with each translation you confirm.”

MeowTalk won’t allow owners to fully grasp what their cat is thinking all the time but may help in communicating.