Sofia in Bulgaria ranked highly on the list. Image

Get us on a plane!

Dreaming of escaping the freezing spell of weather we’re going through at the moment? A bit skint?

Then these destinations could be for you!

Global financial services firm UBS has calculated which cities are the cheapest to visit in the world right now.

The data company did this by adding the following criteria together: 

  • The cost of a getaway for two people based on the price of an overnight stay in a first-class hotel.
  • Two dinners at a restaurant (including a bottle of wine).
  • At taxi ride.
  • Two tickets for public transportation.
  • And a rental car.

And what they found was that Cairo in Egypt provides the cheapest option, with an average cost of €277 for a city break for two, followed by Lagos in Portugal at €278, Mumbai in india at €307, Istanbul in Turkey at €320, and Johannesburg in South Africa at €338.

People will also find affordable options in Sofia, Bulgaria, which ranked sixth with an average cost coming in at €340.

Throw some cheap flights into the mix and you could be looking at a pretty cheap quick getaway!