Bring back the good old days.

Image via Pixabay

Remember when you hadn’t a care in the world and not getting tagged was your main worry?

Aidan and Oonagh from The AO Show took a trip down memory lane this morning on Throwback Thursday. They asked you to get all nostalgic and share your childhood memories.

Here are the top games we all remember from our childhood:

1. Red Rover

“Red Rover, Red Rover, let Aidan cross over!”

A classic schoolyard game where two teams line up opposite each other. One team calls one player from the opposite team over by chanting the line. That person runs to the other line and attempts to break the chain, which is formed by linking hands.

2. Kiss Chase

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Basically, it was like regular chase but you got a little peck on the cheek as a bonus.

3. Playing Mass

It’s probably one of the most Irish kids games. You get a pack of buttons for communion and a bit of Ribena for the wine and you’re away with it!

4. Tip The Can

This was a little like tag except with some added complications. In incorportaed tag and a bit of hide and seek all into one addictive game. The dream!

5. What Time Is It, Mister Wolf?

Another absolute staple from our primary school days. One child is chosen to be Mr Wolf and they stand at one side of the yard. The other players stand in a line over at the other end.Mr Wolf turns his or her back to them. The players ask, What’s time is it Mr Wolf?” and Mr Wolf answers with a time. If Mr Wolf says 3 o’clock, the line of players take three steps forward. Then at any point, Mr Wolf can shout “It’s dinner time” and tag the one of the other players, who’ll then become Mr Wolf.

6. Skipping

Do you remember when all you needed was a length of skipping rope to keep you entertained on a summer’s evening? Whether you preferred doing some skip jumps on your own, or you and a few friends gathered to do it, one thing is for sure – you were fit as a fiddle to skip for that long!

7. Building A Fort

When the weather was a bit miserable outside, there was only one thing for it – build a fort! Your mam was probably a bit annoyed at you for dismantling the setee but sure, it kept you quiet for a few hours and that’s all that mattered!

Listen back to The AO Show’s chat about childhood games from this morning’s show: