China has begun a fresh clampdown on funeral strippers.

The strange practice of hiring strippers for a funeral is said to have begun in the 1990s.

It’s popular in rural communities as it’s believed that it’s good luck to have large numbers of mourners in attendance to honour the dead.

Others say the performances are a way to pay tribute to fertility.

Now, the Ministry of Culture has announced it’s clamping down on ‘striptease artists’ and other ‘obscene, pornographic and vulgar performances’ at funerals.

Authorities say the ‘bizarre and increasingly popular’ trend is ‘corrupting the social atmosphere’.

It’s the third time the Ministry of Culture has attempted to try and stop the performances.

A special hotline will be set up so the public can report any ‘funeral misdeeds’, with a cash reward for tip-offs.

Anyone found to have hired a stripper for a funeral will be ‘severely punished’.

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