We would do anything for free food…but we won’t do that!

A Chinese restaurant is warning customers to watch their weight in the strangest (and possibly most offensive) way ever.

The owner of the eatery in Jinan City is offering discounts to customers if they can squeeze through a gate made of narrow metal bars.

The gaps are all different sizes with a sign stating the different types of discounts up for grabs.

The smallest gap is 15cm (5.9in) wide and will get you free food and free beer for your entire table.

The next step up is an 18cm gap (7in), which will get you 5 free beers.

Customers who can fit through the third gap at 25cm (9.8in) will be given one free beer.

After that it goes up to 30cm. At 30cm you get no discount but are told, ‘Your figure is just average – you shouldn’t ask for more’.


There’s a final gap that comes with another insulting message: “Are you sure you should be drinking beer?”


Owner Zhao Lang claims that he’s trying to find a fun way to remind people to watch their diet:

“So many people have told me that they’ve failed losing weight – just because they can’t quit drinking beer.

Maybe this could serve as a reminder to them to keep an eye on their diet.”