Here’s where we’re at –  November 12th 2018 at time of this publication, 14.22pm, this is the current situation in the U.K: (this could change drastically at any point)

  • Britian’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, is facing a vote of no confidence.
  • Conservative MPs will vote on whether to oust Theresa May between 6pm and 8pm this evening in the Commons.
  • She needs 158 votes to keep her job.
  • If she loses – if she doesn’t get 158 votes or more –  she must resign as party leader.
  • This would mean a leadership contest to replace her would begin – this could also mean a general election is on the cards.
  • This would not mean she would automatically resign as Prime Minister though.

Are you keeping up? It’s all awfully confusing, right?

We’ll find out more later today, but in the meantime some other MP’s are urging others to vote for May, with Amber Rudd on Twitter saying “The PM has my full support. At this critical time we need to support and work with the PM to deliver on leaving the EU, & our domestic agenda – ambitious for improvements to people’s lives & to build on growth of wages & jobs.”

Theresa May is saying she is “ready to finish the job”.

The complexity of the whole situation was not lost on superstar model and author Chrissy Teigen who took to Twitter this morning saying:

“okay one of my goals for 2019 is to understand UK politics. I read and read and try and learn but my brain cannot grasp it”

Plenty of people understood her struggle with it…

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