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Cities are making plans to allow for social distancing as business reopen and people return to work.

Proposals have been revealed for Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Galway City Council’s Mobility Framework Plan will allow for wider footpaths, additional space at bus stops, traffic restrictions, and safer cycling facilities.

Meawhile in the capital, Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority have announced changes to 14 routes into the city centre. The number of people walking and cycling is expected to increase and the plans will allow for social distancing and enable people to queue outside businesses.

The number of people walking in Dublin is expected to double, while cycling numbers are expected to triple. Elsewhere, the number of people using public transport is expected to drop by 80%. The joint Covid-19 plan from the council and National Transport Authority will also allow the phased pedestrianisation of College Green.

Cork City Council is pedestrianising a number of streets, and turning existing pedestrianised streets into one way streets. It’s identified improvements needed for cycling routes, and increasing the number of bike stands.