Ever jumped into a hotel room bed and wondered…are these actually clean?

Surely it’s crossed your mind once or twice after checking into a hostel or a hotel…are these sheets actually clean?

Well, now a city in China is giving guests a definite answer! Tourists who stay at certain hotels and hostels will be given a glimpse of how their laundry service works by an embedded microchip in bed linen that reveals the date of its last wash.

According to The Times, people in China often bring their own bed linen when staying in hotels because the cleanliness of sheets and towels is often not up to scratch.

The water-resistant chip, according to Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua, can be scanned by a mobile phone, which gives a QR code. Located inside the corner of each sheet or towel, the chip is also heat resistant so can withstand plenty of washes.

Genius! Here’s hoping the rest of the world follows suit.