Rosé. Free French holiday. Thousands of Euro… yes please!

Rosé lover? Then you’ve just stumbled across your dream job, congratulations. 

Wine brand Rosé All Day is launching a talent search for the next great pink wine influencer.

Basically this is your chance to sip as much as you can of the pink drink on a luxury trip to the south of France — and get paid thousands of Euro for it.

The lifestyle company and vino purveyor is offering a €8.9K prize and a free trip to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France to the person who uploads the best rosé-related post to Instagram, tagging the Rosé All Day account, reports the New York Post.

Like this for example: 

The posting period runs from June 8th, when the contest officially starts and runs through to September 2nd.

And the only rule for insta posters is that all applicants must be over the age of 21. Other than that, it’s open slather! 

On September 3, the brand will announce its top five picks. The semi-finalists will then compete for the winning spot by posting one last pastel-wine themed photo.

Rosé all day, baby! Lets do this.