Transmission of the Coronavirus in the community has been effectively suppressed, according to the Taoiseach.

In a Dáil speech, Leo Varadkar has said the government will make a decision on moving to phase two of the easing of COVID restrictions on June 5th. Varadkar added that the government is closely monitoring the impact of the first phase of the easing of restrictions.

A decision on moving to Phase Two won’t be made by the cabinet until June 5th.

The Taoiseach warned that the government are preparing for a possible second wave of the virus in the autumn, one that may coincide with flu season. He said many more people will have to get the flu vaccine this year including a greater uptake by healthcare workers.

Leo Varadkar also hit out at people suggesting the government should borrow many billions more euro to pay for anything and everything, saying there’s no such thing as free money. He warned that countries in the most debt would bear the biggest impact of a further downturn in the international economy.