Forget the Facebook relationship status update, this is on a completely different level.

Image Credit: PxHere

There comes a time when you’re seeing someone that you have to sit down and have the chat.

“Is this a serious thing?”

“Are we officially dating?”

If you decide to be exclusive, the next stage usually involves telling your family and friends.

Most people turn to Facebook to let their loved ones know things have gotten serious, but a couple in the UK have taken a totally different approach.

Adam and Helen took out an ad in The Times to announce they’re exclusively dating.

The unusual announcement was spotted by Twitter user Richard Eden, who shared a photo of the ad, asking if it could “start a trend”.

The announcement reads:

“MY H & MY TROUBLE. Mr Adam Trouble of London SW6 and Miss Helen Ingrid Bennett of Middx are dating exclusively and having a lovely time xxx.”

According to News UK’s online ad calculator, it would have cost the loved-up couple around £180 (€207).