The roadmap will be published tomorrow.

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Low-level fines for breaching COVID rules will be a part of the government’s new roadmap when it’s published tomorrow.

The plan will outline five levels of restrictions that can be introduced at a local and regional level to suppress outbreaks of the Coronavirus.

It’s also likely to see the return of spectator sport and a new traffic light system for international travel.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said a new oversight group will also review the advice from the NPHET in future:

“NPHET has enormous expertise around medicine and science but maybe not so much about the practicalities of running a bus service or running a business or staffing an office” he explained.

“What Government wants to do more of in the future is to take a bit of time to consider NPHET advice, to make sure that it’s practical in the real world”.

“We’re the politicians and we’re the best-placed people to do that and that means, in future, we will take a little bit more time to consider NPHET advice before making a decision.”