A cow in Australia is so big that it’s avoided the slaughterhouse.

Knickers towering over a herd of Wagyu cattle

The Holstein Friesian named Knickers weighs a whopping 220 stone (1,397kg) and stands at an enormous 6ft 4 inches tall.

The steer’s size means he now gets to spend the rest of his days on a farm in Myalup, which is around 85 miles south of Perth.

The Mirror reports Knicker’s owner Geoff Pearson tried to sell him last month but meat processors refused to take him as he’s too large.

Knickers gets to live out his days in the fields

The farmer, who has 20,000 cattle, bought Knickers as a ‘coach’ which is a cow that leads other cattle.

He said he’s great at his job and loved by the other animals.

Long live Knickers!