Image Source: Overdose Paris

I’m hungry at the thought of this

If you’re missing the smell of freshly baked treats from your favourite, fear not.

You can now buy a candle that will fill a room with the scent of a croissant.

Overose Paris created the candles so that your house will smell like the backstreets of France.

They have also made the candle cruelty-free, vegan and free from phthalate.

The sweet scent of buttery croissants comes at a price of €48.

According to Metro, you will be able to get 60 hours of sensual satisfaction from the candle.

One reviewer has said:

“This was my first Overose candle and made my home smell like a bakery, which is basically all I want in life. Nice even burn and definitely more on the buttery side than sweet, which is what I’d hoped for. Luxurious and delicious.”

It’s no surprise that the product sold out after it was first released.

There will be another small amount available soon followed by larger quantities.