This could be a game-changer!

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Always weeping when you’re cutting onions?

Well, one TikToker claims she has a simple way of helping you.

TikTok user @cerealeatingghost recently shared the hack she uses so she doesn’t cry when she’s chopping onions:

She explains that the acid in onion is attracted to a water source and your tear ducts are usually the first place it’s attracted to.

So, she explains all you have to do is take a damp paper towel, fold it up and keep it on your cutting board. The acid will then be drawn to the wet paper towel and not your poor little eyes.

Here she is explaining it in full:

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Lot of people on the app claim to have tried it and say it really does work.

The lads behind @partyshirt, who test out TikTok hacks to see if they work or not reckon it’s a winner.

They even dubbed it the “life hack of the century”:

@partyshirtOnion hack? via @cerealeatingghost

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