The former couple have issued separate statements confirming their split.

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Love Island stars Jourdan Riane and Danny Williams are the latest couple to split.

The news comes just weeks after the couple moved in together. 

It’s believed that Jourdan ended things by phone after being contacted by multiple women who claimed Danny had been flirting with them.

Apparently she confronted him about the stories, but decided to call it quits when the rumours persisted. 


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Only you’re responsible for your peace at all times

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The 24-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to issue a powerful statement. 

“In a relationship there are things I won’t tolerate. Lack of respect, disloyalty & dishonesty are amongst those things. I know people will come with the ‘I told you so’, ‘you should’ve listened’ (maybe it’s true) & more than likely snigger/laugh at my situation,” she said.

“The reality is my mum raised me to be a strong woman and always give the benefit of the doubt and let people prove themselves to you. Which is what I did. I went into this with a genuine heart & real intention to make it work. The love was as real as the hurt is now. But…. I will continue to grow and love myself first. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right.”


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Elsewhere, Danny has strongly denied cheating allegations.

“I would also like to make it crystal clear that I was 100% faithful to Jourdan, and this is genuinely not the reason why we have broken up, despite what has already been said.”

“This is something that we felt was the right decision for the both of us.”