NPHET has discussed what action to take today.

A decision on what level of restrictions will be in place from December 1st won’t be made until next week.

NPHET met earlier to discuss what measures may be necessary by the time level 5 restrictions expire.

Public Health Official’s target for the start of next month is to be reporting less than 100 cases a day, however they have warned we’re no where near that and time is running out.

Level 5 restrictions appear to have stopped working, with the average number of cases reported each day over the last five days at 339.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan believes the Government’s decision will be a critical one.

”We have a critical decision to make in government next week, listening to health advisors but also taking in other factors”, he said.

Meanwhile, Infectious Disease Expert Professor Sam McConkey says it may be time to try a different approach.

”We may need another approach like mass testing, like using antigen testing very widely and trying to isolate the people who are antigen positive”, he said.