Just in time for the good weather!

A pub in the capital has found a way to keep their customers happy while obeying social distancing advice.

Graingers Hanlons Corner has been keeping their customers satisfied in isolation by delivering pulled pints to their homes.

The Dublin pub offers a range of pints, wines , bottles and cans for anyone who might be missing their local.

Staff are making sure that hygiene levels are being met and are adhering to social distancing rules.

Graingers took to Facebook to share the news, saying:

“We here at Graingers Hanlons Corner will deliver a freshly pulled pint of Guinness or any pint of your choice and deliver to your door!” they wrote. 

“Health restrictions apply! You must collect from car door and will be served in a pint sized plastic glass! “

The post has since gone viral and the pints have been a hit with the pub claiming they are pouring over 150 pints a day.

There is also a dial-a-meal service available from the pub to keep locals fed during the pandemic.

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