It’s reported that Disney+ will be cheaper than Netflix.

Are you a Disney superfan? Well, if you are get ready for all the classic Disney movies ready at the touch of a button.

Disney is creating a unique streaming platform which will launch at the end of 2019.

The billion-dollar company have already stated that they will be working on two Star Wars TV shows, and a Star Wars movie exclusive to the streaming service.

Disney have also announced that the streaming service named Disney+ will have the new Captain Marvel movie available to watch on the site.

Disney seem very aware of their competitor Netflix as they revealed that Disney+ will be cheaper than Netflix.

Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, has been releasing information in relation to the new streaming service.

Robert Iger with the cast of Black Panther. Image Source: @RobertIger/Twitter

According to Complex, Iger stated that Disney+ will house “the entire Disney motion picture library”:

“So the movies that … traditionally have been kept in a vault and brought out basically every few years will be on the service.” 

That means that we’ll be able to watch the likes of The Lion King, Toy Story and Finding Nemo whenever we want.

The CEO also announced that new MARVEL and PIXAR movies will be on the service just a year after the movie is out on the big screen.

In November when Disney announced the streaming service, it was known they would gradually remove their Marvel and Star Wars TV shows and movies from Netflix.

Recently the Netflix original Marvel shows have been cancelled. Hopefully we will see them come back on Disney+